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STORK M.I.A. is a picture book focused on creating a universe for children of Same Gender Couples.


STORK M.I.A. follows the story of Dad and Dad, who were tired of waiting for the Stork, and decided to find her and ask for a baby. They search for the Stork around the world, with the awesome help of Mom and Mom, turning this story into an adventure, rather than a didactic book for children of same gender couples.


Census data shows that 25% of same-sex couples in the U.S. are raising children, and there are other more progressive countries with even larger numbers. This large number of children is reading mostly books from "borrowed" universes. This story shows a universe they can relate, and the main characters just happen to be same gender couples and their kids.

STORK M.I.A. was created for the children and to ease communication between same-gender couples and their children, and to provide LGBTQ+ youth with nurturing images for their futures.


Children of Not same-gender couples are also welcome.


Y'all Have Fun!


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