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Stork M.I.A. Now Available!

Dad and Dad had been happy together for a good 10 years. 

Dad and Dad got tired of waiting for the stork, and decided to go around the world to find her and ask for a baby. But Dad and Dad had a little help - who else but Mom and Mom would have come to their rescue? After all, they knew where to find the Stork. Join Dad and Dad, and Mom and Mom in this fun adventure as they search for the stork EVERYWHERE!

"Read it again. Read it again, PLEEEEASE!"

Chloe, 3 - Jersey City, NJ


"The stork shadow. Dad and Dad saw the stork shadow!"
Isabela, 2 - Fort Worth, Texas


"Two thumbs up, a giggle and a big laugh."
Philip, 5 - New York City, NY


"I like Daddy and Daddy."
Leyden, 5 - San Diego, CA

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© sandro isaack 

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