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Dad & Dad

Dad and Dad have been happy together for a good ten years, but they're not married. For quite sometime Dad and Dad saw the stork bringing babies to other doors, but never to their door. Dad and Dad had a GREAT idea - "We're going to invite the stork before we get married!"The problem was that nobody had ever told Dad and Dad where the stork lived.

Mom & Mom

Mom and Mom have been happy together for nearly 20 years - but who's counting? Mom and Mom are not married, but they live together in a beautiful loving home.Mom and Mom bumped into the stork while on vacation in Guatemala. The stork graced them with Paco - the awesome baby she had been keeping for a super

The Stork

It is popular belief that The Stork makes the babies. After Mom and Mom, and Dad and Dad met with The Stork, this belief was corrected by The Stork herself - "I do not make the babies, I simply choose the best families for these most special angels, and deliver them." But The Stork wouldn't tell them where the babies were made either.This is the only picture ever taken of THE STORK, and it was taken by Dad and Dad in China.

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